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State of the Logistics Market: 2020

Now that the holidays are over and we have rolled into a new decade, logistics professionals should take time to review the year prior and adjust our attitude that 2019 was not as bad a year as it might have seemed. While it’s true, 2019 did hit truckload carriers...

Truck Rates Set to Rise in 2020

As we ride into the new year, we are faced with a new decade and a year full of optimism, promise and opportunity. Although this can present a refreshing, clean state, there are a handful of challenges that come along with such promise, especially in the trucking...

A Shortage in a Surging Economy

Whenever the term “shortage” is thrown around, people become nervous and for good reason. Food shortage, job shortage, wine shortage, etc can throw the masses into a tizzy because it usually means prices for goods and services are going to sky rocket. And this is no different than a driver shortage in the transportation industry.

Self-Driving in the Supply Chain

Last week, the state of Arizona banned autonomous vehicles on all state roads following a fatal car accident involving a self-driving Uber. The ride hailing company hasn’t been the only startup that’s experienced controversy and tragedy; A man driving a semi-autonomous Tesla crashed into a tractor-trailer going 70 miles per hour. . .

Merry Christmas from C. L. Services, Inc.

Merry Christmas to you and yours from everyone at C. L. Services, Inc.! We appreciate doing business with you! Wishing you peace, joy and all the best this holiday has to offer. Many blessings to you and your family in 2018!

Happy Thanksgiving from C. L. Services, Inc.

At C. L. Services Inc. we have so much to be thankful for. From our wonderful clients and carriers to our outstanding employees who take the extra time and effort to go the extra mile, we are full of gratitude this holiday season! But, we wanted you to hear directly from some of our extraordinary staff. Check out what they were thankful for or what their favorite part of Thanksgiving is each year!