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Read the Small Print!

Through our direct sales efforts and through our normal operations as a transportation broker, we reach out to a fairly diverse group of manufacturers and distributors of all types of products. One of the most common objections we encounter is, “We … Continue reading

Pick Up the Phone and Have the Conversation

This past week, I was having a conversation with my oldest son who will be beginning his first year of law school in the fall. He was explaining to me all of the things he was doing to prepare for … Continue reading

New Legislation S. 3483

On June 17, 2010, the Transportation Intermediaries Association put out a press release announcing support for recently introduced legislation in Washington, DC that will fight fraud in the trucking industry.  The legislation is found in S. 3483 was introduced on … Continue reading

Pull It Together

No doubt that the last couple of years in our industry have been tough ones. Constant pressure to squeeze costs out of the equation is the order of the day and at the same time, efforts to find new revenue … Continue reading

Due Diligence Dos

Now more than ever, it is critical that 3PLs, shippers and carriers take the time to perform due diligence with the partners with whom they conduct business.  More and more we are opening the pages of various industry publications only … Continue reading