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Flatbed Transportation Services

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This is your typical flatbed, similar to a box trailer with no sides, roof, or doors. Often used to haul construction equipment or materials and steel products and machinery.


Flatbeds that are exceptionally low to the ground and often used to haul unusually large, tall, or heavy loads.


For loads too long to fit on a standard 48′ trailer. Can extend up to 80 feet and may require special permits depending on the size and type of freight.

Drop Decks

Typically used to haul over-height freight. Step-decks have a bed that drops lower than standard flatbed trailers after the point it clears the tractor, allowing for up to 2 feet of extra overhead clearance.

Goosenecks & RGN

Gooseneck trailers are typically for smaller loads and trucks. They usually can haul up to 25,000 lbs. As for RGN, these trailers are used for carrying over-dimensional freight. The front of the trailer detaches, allowing the trailer to create a ramp.

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