Claim Procedures

Cargo Over, Short & Damaged (OS&D) Claim Procedures

A Cargo OS&D claim is a legal action that must be documented in a timely manner. A cargo claim is a written demand for compensation from a carrier for loss or damage to goods, which is alleged to have been caused by that carrier. The carrier however, will not be liable for loss or damage unless it is noted on the carrier’s copy of the Proof of Delivery (POD) and a written notice to this effect is given to the carrier within nine months from the date of delivery.

C.L. Services, Inc. will help facilitate your claim against carriers. However, C.L. Services, Inc. is not directly responsible for the freight claim. The delivering carrier that actually handled the freight is fully responsible.

The following steps will guide you through the requirements of filing and proving a cargo claim. This is in order to preserve your rights of action against any delivering carrier, as required by the insurance covering your shipment.

You must as owner/receiver of the product:

  • Preserve, Do Not Dispose of all damaged goods, containers, packaging and seals
  • The receiver or consignee must take reasonable actions to mitigate the damage as practicable
  • Document the condition of the damaged and/or missing freight on the delivery receipt/bill of lading
  • Take photos
  • Notate on BOL(s) the quantities, item numbers and condition in respect to all loss or damages at the time of delivery
  • Make sure the driver acknowledges the damage by signing the BOL(s) where the damage is notated
  • Immediately notify your sales rep and customer service rep at C.L. Services, Inc. of the loss and/or damage
  • Email the documents and photos as soon as possible. We will review the documents and notify the carrier of the potential claim

Gather the necessary documents to support your claim:

  • Completed Standard Form for Presentation of Loss and Damage Claims
  • Signed delivery receipt noting the damaged and/or missing freight
  • Copy of the shipper’s commercial invoice covering the entire shipment insured
  • Copy of the original BOL from origin showing seal numbers, shipper’s and driver’s counts
  • Work orders or repair estimates for repairable damage
  • Statement of Claim. This should include a detailed statement of how the loss was discovered, an itemized description of the loss and/or damaged freight
  • Any other documents relevant to the transit, loss, damage or coverage of the freight
  • For concealed damage discovered after the delivery was completed, contact your sales rep and/or customer service rep as soon as possible, no later than the next day

Submit your claim via fax 678-686-0935, email or mail:

C.L. Services, Inc.
Attn: Claims
P.O. Box 91955
Atlanta, GA 30364

Download Claim Form

Cargo claims processes are governed by the Carmack Amendment to the Interstate Commerce Act.