Full Truckload

SmartWay Certified Provider

C. L. Services, Inc. is a SmartWay Certified Third Party Logistics Provider. This initiative was launched by the EPA in 2004 to reduce transportation related emissions. C. L. Services, Inc. is currently going through the process to renew our certification for the third year in a row. We maintain a database of SmartWay Certified carriers who have also met our stringent quality standards, enabling us to meet needs of shippers also desiring to reduce the overall carbon footprint left by the entire supply chain. The environment is important to C. L. Services, Inc. and we look forward to working with SmartWay Certified shippers and carriers to reduce fuel consumption and improve our air quality for future generations.

Dry Van

Our over-the-road truckload volume makes up the largest percentage of our business. Anything from U. S. mail, to air filters are moved cross-county under our careful supervision. While we have thousands of highly qualified carrier partners under contract, we pursue an ongoing initiative to consolidate as much of our freight as possible to a select stable of carriers. By working closely with these carriers, C. L. Services, Inc. identifies their traffic needs and leverages our volume for more competitive http://healthsavy.com/product/viagra/ pricing. As volumes increase with a carrier partner, so does the priority of our business from their viewpoint. These volume discounts and increased service levels are ultimately passed on to you, our customer, in the form of cost savings and superior on-time performance.

Temperature Controlled

Temperature ControlledFor those commodities that are sensitive to extreme heat or cold, for example produce, beer, frozen seafood, beef, poultry, etc., C. L. Services, Inc. has the ability to source temperature controlled equipment. Whether you are shipping produce, a liquid that must be kept from freezing or frozen products that must not thaw, we can offer state-of-the-art equipment to maintain your product at the temperature you require. Our stringent carrier quality standards will insure that your product will be loaded onto clean, odor-free equipment, and that the temperature is maintained at the level you specify to assure the condition of your product upon delivery.

Expedited Truckload

We provide dependable on-time expedited service through our “Select Contract Carriers.” These are carriers that we have developed a special partnership. This elite group of carriers meets the requirements to work with our Government Services Division. Our Expedited Services Division has grown exponentially with the Military, U.S. Postal Service and FedEx.