C.L. Services Celebrates: 20 Years of Success

ATLANTA, Georgia – A local logistics organization has plenty to celebrate this year, as they enter their twentieth year of business.

Since opening in 1997, C.L. Services has paved the road to success by providing a world-class third-party logistics experience. Looking beyond this year, the company has a bright future. More recently, over the last 5 years, C.L. Services has built and customized their headquarters that gives way to their unique culture that goes by the motto “Fun, Funky, Fresh.” The company plans to expand to a second location in the next 3 years, indicating exponential growth.

C.L. Services prides itself on the Prosponsive® approach to business, by providing customers and business partners an innovative combination of personal attention typically found in smaller organizations with the technology, versatility and capabilities of large 3PL companies.

Exceptional Growth & Development

“C.L. Services has experienced exceptional growth and development over the past 20 years,” said Chandra Jordan, Chief Excitement Officer of C.L. Services. “We are honored to have the opportunity to make a difference in the last two decades. Moving forward, our focus will remain on offering an exceptional customer experience and fostering the relationships we have been so privileged to develop over the years.”

Over the years, C.L. Services has been successful at evolving with the market to stay ahead of competition, and better meet customer needs and requirements. The company works collaboratively with carriers and shippers across the North American Continent to transport freight efficiently and effectively.

C.L. Services is a third-party logistics organization that connects carriers and shippers to deliver a premier freight management experience for companies across North America.

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