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To proactively respond and communicate quickly and honestly with all of our clients and vendors.


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The Prosponsive® Approach is simple: to proactively respond and communicate quickly and honestly with all our clients and vendors. This mindset and brand promise are exactly why C.L. Services is quickly rising the charts as a trusted leader in freight management services.

At C.L. Services, we are passionate about everything we do. We believe that the highest level of customer care can only be achieved if your team is truly passionate about their work. Our logistics team takes pride in offering quality freight services with complete integrity.




The biggest challenge facing carriers, shippers and freight managers are the unknown variables that can complicate and delay deliveries. Truck breakdowns, unexpected construction, severe weather conditions, these are just a few factors that could potentially wreak havoc on a delivery schedule. Unfortunately, most transportation management companies choose to take a reactive approach to these variables. In short, it’s a mentality predicated on “we’ll deal with it when it becomes a problem.”

C.L. Services takes a proactive approach, heading off potential issues in delivery schedules before they become major problems for our carriers and shippers. We’ve embodied this approach with best-in-class technology and a vastly experienced team to help forecast and prevent potential areas of concern.

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