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FMCSA Announces new CSA Crash Weight Research Plan

The following was released today by the FMCSA, in regards to their new CSA crash weighting research plan. “FMCSA’s top priority is safety. Over the past two years, the agency’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program has been working successfully to … Continue reading

TIA’s Strategy Voice for Washington, D.C.

As TIA Members, C. L. Services, Inc. is in support of the TIA strategy. As the voice of the third-party logistics industry, TIA will remain the strong, clear voice in Washington, D.C. seeking a comprehensive solution to the issues of … Continue reading

3 Ways to Avoid a Tight Capacity Heart Attack

Here’s a way you can help your heart—and it doesn’t even require giving up steak. All you have to do is make sure your company will be ready in case of a trucking capacity crunch in 2011. Even with high … Continue reading

Oh Those Requirements!

C. L. Services, Inc. supports the TIA’s CTB program and we require all of our employees to become certified.

Court denies request to block CSA scores from public view

12/10/2010 WASHINGTON — The DOT’s new trucking safety program should go on as scheduled, a federal court ruled late Friday, denying a last-minute plea by some trucking groups who argued that the system is not ready for prime time — … Continue reading

Read the Small Print!

Through our direct sales efforts and through our normal operations as a transportation broker, we reach out to a fairly diverse group of manufacturers and distributors of all types of products. One of the most common objections we encounter is, “We … Continue reading

The Perfect Storm? CSA 2010

Is the CSA 2010 really about to cause the perfect storm in the trucking industry? I believe it could be another Y2K. There is a lot of concern and buzz about how the new CSA 2010 will replace the SafeStat … Continue reading

A Solid November

Jon A. Langenfeld-Robert W. Baird & Co. Quotes – Incorporated Transports modestly outperform broader market in November… Truckload, Integrators, and 3PLs (+4%) each solidly outperformed S&P 500 Index (+0%); followed by LTLs (+1%), with rails in line with market. • … Continue reading

Pull It Together

No doubt that the last couple of years in our industry have been tough ones. Constant pressure to squeeze costs out of the equation is the order of the day and at the same time, efforts to find new revenue … Continue reading

Industry News 2.1.10

3PL Revenue Declines In 2009 A recent report by Armstrong & Associates, Inc., stated that since they began tracking the United States third-party logistics (3PL) market in 1995, the deepening economic recession of 2009 created the first year over year decline … Continue reading